Liberia: Sex Workers in Ganta Threaten to Go to Court

Nimba County — Local sex workers in Ganta, Nimba County have threatened to drag government to court for poor economic environment that has reduced their customers inflow.

According to the sex workers, for the past few weeks, customers have become scarce in the commercial district, something they blame on government’s alleged failure to improve the economy thru job creation.

One local sex worker, Lucia Gonda (not her real name) said the sex trade is their only means of survival that enable them to feed their homes and pay their children’s fees in school, but customers are no longer coming.

At night hours, local sex workers are seen at street corners in Ganta, a busy commercial hub in search of customers.

Teenagers, women and young girls are mostly involved in commercial sex, lining the streets and calling up male customers (men) who sometimes paid them (US$20.00) twenty United States Dollars or more per night.

However, some of them take as low as 200 Liberian Dollars for a short stay at a local brothel which enables them to provide food for their family and pay rent, while due to the low turnout of customers, those young ones just entering the business accept as low as 100 Liberian Dollars for short service.

Huge number of these young girls involved in the trade last week converged at the magisterial court in Ganta where they threatened to sue the government for lack of customers.

The old Ganta General Market has become one of the main centers for commercial sex.

Recently, two local employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority were found with some commercial sex workers around the former Ganta General Market.


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