Somalia: Govt Welcomes U.S. Decision to Sanction Al-Shabaab Financiers

The Federal Government of Somalia has welcomed the move by the United States government’s Treasury Department to impose sanctions on individuals who support the financial and logistical support of the Al-Shabab terrorist group.

The different sectors of the economy in Somalia are instructed to avoid dealing with and cooperating with these criminal individuals mentioned in this list of sanctions.

The action taken by the US Treasury was the result of investigations conducted jointly by the two governments of Somalia and the United States and is part of the fight to eliminate terrorists who misuse Islam and shed the blood of innocent Muslims.

This decision also coincides with the Somali government recently issuing directives to warn anyone who collects funds or funds for terrorism.

The armed forces of Somalia, with the help of the people who are tired of the terrorist acts in the country, have achieved great success in the fight against the ruthless groups that hide behind the religion of Islam. The losses of the Kharijite militias include deaths, injuries and many others who surrendered or were captured.


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