Namibia: Albinism Foundation Gets Support From German Embassy

Support in Namibia of Albinism Sufferers Requiring Assistance (SINASRA) signed a funding agreement with Ambassador Herbert Beck of Germany to Namibia recently.

SINASRA is set to receive N$97440 for the procurement of special telescopic spectacles to be distributed among community members suffering from albinism.

The German Embassy in a statement said that these special spectacles will improve their eyesight of people with albinism and allow them to live a life without obstacles and with dignity.

“SINASRA collaborates with local optometrists to examine the eyesight of the affected people to ensure that the special spectacles are allocated according to their needs,” added the Embassy.

The Embassy further said that the distribution and wearing of special telescopic spectacles substantially improves the vision of people with albinism who would otherwise be classified as being blind.

“Children with albinism, who receive telescopic spectacles at an early age, stand a much better chance to cope with the integration into regular classroom setting, which clearly enhance their possibility to improve academically, fulfil their potential and subsequently lead an independent life, despite there precarious conditions,” they emphasised.

They explained that albinism is a congenital metabolic disorder that leads not only particularly light hair and eye colour and highly sensitive skin, but also to a lack of pigmentation on the retina and iris of the eyes and this is the cause of visual impairment for many people suffering from albinism.

“With this, the stigmatisation heightens, because the affected people may find it difficult to participate in everyday life, let alone children attending school with a limited eyesight,” they added.

SINASRA is a registered welfare organisation in 2006 and their primary concern is the survival of people with albinism, ensuring their livelihood and offering them a fair standard of living. The organisation supplies people with albinism with protective clothing, sunscreen and special telescopic spectacle. They also actively contribute to educate as many people as possible with relevant information on preventing sun-related cancer, its complication and early death.

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