Uganda: African Countries Want Access to Clean Water Prioritised At COP27

African countries want a discussion on clean water and sanitation to be high on the agenda the UN Climate Summit scheduled to begin on November 6 in Sharm El Sheik in Egypt.

Access to clean water is a major problem in developing countries.


In Uganda, the largest water body, Lake Victoria, surrounded by several factories that dispose waste into it which leads to loss of bio diversity, habitat destruction and soil erosion.

It is estimated that the estimated that indigenous fish species have reduced by 80% as a result of pollution of the lakes in Africa.

Clean water helps girls and women to be more resilient to climate change. If people have access to clean water it means they will live in a disease free community.


One in 10 people worldwide don’t have a reliable source of clean water and climate change is making this situation even more worse.

The Water Aid, a civil society organisation, says the water crisis affects 771million people globally.


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