Nigeria: Investment in Medical Equipment Key to Management of NCDs – Experts

As Nigeria accelerates action to reduce the proliferation of non-communicable diseases, expert has said that reliable diagnostic equipment and devices play a crucial role in the proper management of Non-Communicable Diseases, NCDs, in Nigeria.

The head of the Healthcare Division, PPC Ltd, Dr. Chikara Nwoke said the deployment of innovative healthcare technology will enable early diagnosis and detection of these life-threatening diseases.

Nwoke, Nigeria’s leading engineering and infrastructure Development Company with footprints across Nigeria’s healthcare landscape.

NCDs like cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory infections and cardiovascular diseases, which accounts for 74 per cent of deaths globally according to WHO, are on the rise in Nigeria. In developing countries, these severe health conditions impact adversely on the working population cutting down on productivity and overall economic output.

According to Nwoke, a multifaceted approach is urgently required to stem the tide of rising NCD’s and should involve both the development of human capital and procurement of medical facility to effectively cater for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and continuous management of these diseases.

He said:”NCD’s are silent killers and can exist in the human body and remain undetected for a long time”. Recommendations for regular health checkup and appropriate clinical investigations are critical to obtaining the right clinical diagnosis which is an important aspect of the management of the disease condition. However, there are instances of misdiagnosis and such can occur due to improper understanding of the patient’s health problem.

An accurate investigation and timely diagnosis by a trained clinician can save the day. “We need to prioritize the early diagnosis, and treatment of non-communicable diseases, especially among the vulnerable and poor, by formulating public policy that addresses its prevention, early diagnosis and treatment. More than ever before, we need to address the contributory risk factors, and ensure all people, no matter where they live, have access to quality clinical investigation and treatment”.

Nwoke stated that all these are achievable with better investment in quality diagnostic equipment that help clinicians make accurate diagnosis. According to him, investment in medical equipment such as Computed Tomography (CT) or MRI equipment, well equipped clinical laboratories and highly trained medical personnel are non-negotiable for the proper management of the disease.

PPC Healthcare is committed to improving healthcare outcomes through the deployment of state-of the-art medical equipment for clinical investigation, diagnosis and treatment across healthcare facilities in every state of the Federation.

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