Malawi: Bushiri Appeals Against Ruling On Witnesses to Testify in South Africa

The Bushiris magistrates court ruling that witnesses in their extradition case should testify in South Africa.

Lilongwe Chief Resident Magistrate Madalitso Khoswe Chimwaza ruled that witnesses in the Shepherd and Mary Bushiri extradition case should testify in South Africa.

Defense lawyer Wapona Kita said they want the High Court to overturn the ruling by the lower court so that the witnesses should come to Malawi to testify.

Kita said Malawian lawyers cannot be admitted in the South African court, therefore the state is compromising the Bushiris right to legal representation as their lawyers are not allowed in the South African Court.

But Dr Steven Kayuni, Director of Public Prosecutions argued that the Bushiris can get lawyers in South Africa to represent them.

Meanwhile, High Court Judge Bruno Kalemba has reserved his ruling on the appeal to a later date.


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