Tanzania: President Suluhu Wins Petty Traders Accolades

PETTY traders who have moved to a new market in Dodoma City have commended President Samia Suluhu Hassan for creating enabling environment for them to conduct their businesses in orderly manner.

They told the ‘Daily News’ recently that the improvement of business environment by constructing modern markets for petty traders countrywide has stimulated entrepreneurs’ development.

One of the petty traders, Yusuph Kasongele said that before shifting to the new market he was conducting his business in informal areas where he was forced to pay rent for the space that was often in front of one’s shop.

“We express our gratitude to the sixth phase government under the leadership of President Samia Suluhu Hassan for facilitating the construction of this market for petty traders which has enabled us to operate by abiding by laws and regulations,” Kasongole said.

Another petty trader, Ms Elina Msangi said the market has provided solution to various challenges facing petty traders including conducting business in informal areas.

“This market has been built not only for conducting businesses but it has also services such as breastfeeding rooms, police post which assures our safety … the construction of a bus stand is also in progress … upon completion it will help us to get more customers,” she said.

A customer, Daniel Masawe expressed gratitude to President Samia for her determination to construct such modern markets in various parts of the country which has assured them availability of various commodities almost under one roof.

“Currently we get all the services from this market such as banking services, clothes, food among others and the construction of a new bus station is underway … we thank the President for the development,” he said.

Dodoma City Senior Trade Officer Donatila Vedasto said the market became operational since November 1, this year and to date it has 3,200 traders.

“The building also has other important services such as banks, toilets and special rooms for mothers to breast feed their children,” she said.

“The market has been built to provide services for 24 hours although it is currently open from morning to 10pm,” she said. The market has been constructed at a cost of 9.5bn/-.

In her meeting with Dar es Salaam Petty Traders Association leaders and regional leaders in January this year President Samia reaffirmed her government’s commitment to re-organise them and build modern markets for them countrywide.

“We are determined to build modern markets with government funds and acquire soft loans from donors,” President Samia said.

According to her, the government’s goal is to ensure that petty traders graduate from small-scale business level to either medium or higher level so that they can start paying taxes.

She expressed the government commitment of continuing to address all of their challenges, including those who were unable to find areas to work.


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