Kenya: Kisumu Manager Raids City Bars, Confiscates Liquor and Car Wash Kits

Kisumu — Kisumu City moved to enforce an order on entertainment joints and unauthorized car wash centres on Saturday after a notice issued by the management on noise pollution and degradation of the environment lapsed.

The operation was preceded by an assessment tour by Acting City Manager Abala Wanga to check on compliance.

The city had issued a seven-day notice to bars in the estates to install sound prof while the car wash points were ordered out of non-designated areas.

Abala who was accompanied by the city’s enforcement team raided bars that failed to comply with the order on Saturday.

“We have carried their speakers and the liquor team with have their licences revoked,” he said following the operation.

Abala said for almost a year, he has been engaging the bar owners who have defied multiple advisories.

He said some bars had turned road reserves into food kiosks, which he noted was against city by-laws.

The team also carted away car washing machines after owners failed to decommission the unauthorized washing points.

“They are destroying the road, contaminating the road side and other infrastructure by the roadside,” he said.

Abala gave further orders to food venders, especially those roasting maize by the roadside, to stop.

He said the raid will continue until Wednesday, November 23, before his office moves to restore order in the public transport sector.

Abala said Kisumu is an intermediary international city where order must be prioritized.

He told the car washers to move to petrol stations or gated communities and not besides the road.

“They have invaded every space, car washing is now like a kiosk, destroying everything,” he said.

He also sent a warning to hawkers to stop selling their wares in the streets but move to the markets.

Abala said those who defy the directive will have their wares are confiscated.


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