Zimbabwe: Chamisa Immature, Ideologically Bankrupt, Says Prof Moyo

Professor Jonathan Moyo, who is living in self-imposed exile in Kenya has hit out at Nelson Chamisa’s “duplicitous” nature, revealing he worked with the CCC leader for three years, interacting on a daily basis and yet the opposition politician publicly pretended otherwise.

Mr Chamisa, would not publicly admit the three-year close collaboration, citing “mumbo jumbo” about “formidable” trees needing to hide their roots said Prof Moyo in an interview with News.24.com.

“He (Chamisa) always gave the impression that he and I were not working together at all; yet we interacted many times a day, 24/7, between 2018 and early 2022,” he said.

“When I challenged Chamisa about [the] duplicitous stance in November 2021, he said no formidable tree makes public its roots.

“I told him that his analogy was inappropriate, undemocratic, unprofessional, wrong, and satanic; he mumbled some mumbo jumbo, and I bade him farewell, which later turned out to be for good,” said Professor Moyo.

Prof Moyo and another former Cabinet Minister Mr Patrick Zhuwao recently issued a public apology to ruling party members for their role in the #ZanuPFMustGo campaign.

Shooting from the hip, Prof Moyo dismissed the opposition in Zimbabwe as child’s play (mahumbwe).

“Our public, and thus open support, for NC (Nelson Chamisa) did not rise to the broad based coalition we expected and, worse, it was not reciprocated but attracted intolerable demonisation which even dragged in family members who were gratuitously maligned, including my late daughter.

“As far as we are concerned the relevant, substantive and meaningful debate on Zimbabwe’s national question and economic prosperity based on the inclusive values and principles of the country’s liberation struggle and national independence has remained among and between Zanu PF members. The rest is mahumbwe (child’s play)” said Prof Moyo.

“Nelson Chamisa and his base publicly proved to be unworthy of the kind of support we gave them.

“We now know first-hand that they’re immature, ideologically bankrupt and anti-the nationalist project. They want power just for its own sake, on behalf of their handlers and funders” said Prof Moyo.

To make a long story short, Prof Moyo said clearly the #ZanuPFMustGo hashtag is misplaced and misguided; it’s even unconstitutional.

Asked about how he had spent the past five years in exile, Prof Moyo said: “I have been studying, doing consultancy work, teaching, mentoring graduate and doctoral students, making and producing music, and, above all, raising and taking care of our last-born girl child, who is set for university next year.”


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