Ghana: Zenero Association Pledges Support for Street Academy

Zenzero Association, a non-profit organization based in Switzerland has pledged its unflinching support for the Street Academy, a sports and culture non-governmental organization in Ghana.

Zenzero carries out social entrepreneurship projects in Africa with a precise objective to develop sustainability actions for the protection of the environment and its harmonious growth.

Having been operating in Ghana for the past three years, Zenzero also offers scholarships through its programmes to other schools, tertiary institutions and operates in eight countries across the World.

Speaking to the Times Sports, the Vice-President of Zenzero, Stefano Sala said his firm has been into partnership with the Street Academy for the past two years and will continue to support the academy on the long-term through its environment and educational programmes.

“We have a collection point of plastic bottles where we clean the environment and educate people on the importance of these actions. We create pipelines for water in schools and other communities”.

According to Mr Sala, “their education programme includes teaching the importance of maintaining a clean environment.”

He said the new pact with Street Academy will see the completion of the school wall and other construction and roofing works.

Mr Sala said, the project will be completed in two months and added that, other projects which includes the education plan will kick start in January 2023 throughout the year.

“Zenzero has partnered schools and companies in Accra including City of God, Samberkita School, Accra Technical University (ATU) among others for similar projects”, he added.

The Executive Director of the Academy, Ataa Lartey expressed gratitudeto the companyand thanked them for the timely intervention.


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