Gambia: URR Women Urge Barrow to Boost Productive Capacity

Women of Wulli East and West and Sandou constituencies have highlighted their concerns to President Adama Barrow to intervene and give a helping hand to their agricultural activities as their farm produces continue to adversely drop over time.

Agriculture is one of the key areas of concern raised by several communities across the regions during the President’s ongoing meet-the-people tour. It is by extension a national concern as it provides for food self-sufficiency and fighting hunger in the country.

The people also raised the need for rural electrification, better health facilities and good roads.

Speaking at a joint meeting including residents of Wulli East, West and Sandou constituencies, held at Kolibantang in the Upper River Region, on the President’s ongoing tour, Lady Councillor Fatoumata Saho revealed their challenges, saying their farm produce has suffered “huge setback”.

She appealed to the President to help the women in their communities in the expansion of their gardens as they are currently facing low farm produce due to few gardens and lack of equipment among other constraints.

Lady Saho also appealed to the President for the construction of skills training centres in their communities for the young ones, as well as for adequate water and electricity supply in the area.


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