Uganda Again Suffers Nationwide Power Blackout

Uganda on Wednesday night suffered yet another power blackout that affected the entire country.

The power blackout started around 9pm until around 10pm on Wednesday.


“UETCL informs its stakeholders and the general public that we are experiencing a national blackout. We shall keep you updated as we work on restoration of power. All inconveniences caused are regretted,” Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited(UETCL) said in a statement.

This was the umpteenth time the country was experiencing a nationwide power blackout.

Whereas the first ones in 2020 were attributed to moving islands that reportedly blocked the turbines to affect both Owen Falls and Bujagali Dams.


An emergency shutdown at Isimba dam in August led to power outages in several parts of the country.

The shutdown was attributed to operation challenges that led to the flow of water into the powerhouse of the 183megawatt Isimba dam.

The issue was however rectified.

Government recently warned that intensified cases of vandalism of power facilities including lines by unknown people would lead to load shedding in various parts of the country.

In the past four or so months, the number of cases of vandalism of power lines all over the country have gone up with many of the lines vandalized for scrap.

However, security has intensified operations targeting vandals of power installations.

For example, earlier this week, a joint intelligence led security operation in Kampala led to the arrest of five people and over 40 tonnes of angle lines used in erecting high voltage power lines have been recovered.

Onyango said the operations were conducted in the areas of social center scrap yard village in Mengo,scrap yard at Budonian village, and Kisenyi scrap dealers.

“The operation targeted areas where suspected electrical materials are stored and sold in areas of Kisenyi. This comes after reports of constant vandalism of Umeme electrical materials in different parts of the country and are brought to Kisenyi and neighbouring areas for sale,” said Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango.

Other than angle lines, security also recovered railway line rails, solar poles.

The area of Kisenyi where the items were recovered is known to have many scrap dealers.


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