Ghana: 35 Communities At Kumbungu Connected to National Grid

Thirty-five communities in the Kumbungu District of the Northern Region have been connected to the national grid under the Rural Electrification Project (REP).

The beneficiary communities are Ganvuliga, Kokpeng, Kpachi, Kochem A, Kochem B, Zoo Naayili, Tingnyororing, Timonaayili, DinyaKpaliga, Fandu, and ZangbalungKukuo.

Other beneficiary communities are Seegbini, Bongnaayili, Vugu Digu, Yugyili, Suang, Namdu-Kuriku, Namdu-Wahani and Zangbalung Bihi.

The rest are Gbanzogu, Kukuo, Gung, Tanshegu, Nakpaatuo, Garizegu, Gbandu, Zolan-Yili, Wayaayo, Newtown A, Newtown B, Afloo and Border.

At a ceremony on Thursday in one of the beneficiary communities to inaugurate the project, the District Chief Executive (DCE), Mr Abdul Salam Hamza Abdul-Fatawu, said the provision of electricity to the communities would go a long way to enhance the socio-economic development of the people.

“The lives of the inhabitants of the communities in the district would be improved following the connection of electricity in these areas,” he added

He said the government was committed to achieving the universal access to electricity to every community in the district.

The DCE added that luck of electricity in most of the communities in the district made their work difficult.

He said the connection of the 35 communities to the national grid in the district would relief them some burden.

The DCE said they would not walk miles again to other communities to trash their farm produce after harvesting.

He said the connection of the communities to the national grid was in response to appeals made by the chiefs and the people of these communities.

The DCE said since he assumed office as the District Chief Executive of Kumbungu District, he had facilitated the connection of more than 65 communities to the national grid.

He said children would now study in the comfort of their homes, since there was light at the doorstep in the communities.

The DCE, however, appealed to the people of these communities to use the light judiciously and take proper care of the electricity poles during dry season.

Youth Leader of Gavuliga, Hassan SandooZaama, thanked the DCE for the gesture and told him that they were now part of the people of Ghana and the world since they were now connected to the national grid.

He also said the connection of their communities to the national grid would help them improve upon their conditions and socio-economic development.


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