Mozambique: War Continues, With New Attack in Nampula

The Cabo Delgado civil war continues, with insurgents moving south into mining areas, Chiure district, and down to the Lúrio River and again into Nampula province. There have been attacks near the two main roads.

The Indian-owned Gemrock ruby mine on the border between Ancuabe and Moatize districts was attacked 20 October, with substantial damage of equipment, vehicles and living quarters. Gemrock has suspended operations due to damage to heavy mining equipment, and has suspended plans for expansion.

Four villages were attacked in Mesa, Ancuabe, on 17 October, about 15 km south of the main N14 road connecting Montepuez to Pemba. Unverified reports say 26 dead.

An insurgent band moved south with attacks in Messaja, Katapua and Bilibiza in Chiure district and in Savamone and Nihamae on the Lúrio River. Insurgents are now further inland along the river than they have been. On 27 October they crossed the river and attacked Muaneia in Erati, Nampula, near the main N1 road linking Pemba and Nampula.

Heavy fighting continues in Nangade district.

Macomia district town was attacked on 23 October, the first incursion into the town in a year. Three to five people were killed and cars, motorbikes and houses burned. Insurgents had infiltrated into the town in Mozambican army uniforms. (Zitamar, 27, 28 Oct; Cabo Ligado 18, 25 Oct)

Rwandan forces found three arms caches in heavy forest in the Mbau area in the south of Mocimboa da Praia district, in a zone where insurgents were pushed out of important bases last year. On 15 October a cache was found containing a large number of assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, and ammunition. On 19 October another cache was found nearby with over 200 firearms with ammunition. Two days later, the Rwandans announced they had found a third arms cache, containing assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers, this time in the Limala forest east of Mbau. “Most of the weapons in all of these arms caches appeared to be substantially rusted,” reports Cabo Ligado (25 Oct), suggesting they had been in place since before the Mbau bases were taken last year.

Airline Fly Indico announced that commercial flights between Pemba and Palma will be reinstated from 28 October for the first time after being suspended in March 2021.

Rwandan president Paul Kagame met President Filipe Nyusi in Maputo on Friday 28 Oct.


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