Kenya: Civil Society in Court to Challenge Constitutionality of Hustlers Fund

Nairobi — A civil society has gone to court to challenge the constitutionality of the hustler funds.

The applicant operating under operation ‘Linda Ugatuzi’ has raised over 15 concerns which he wants the court to address that include the manner in which the fund operates as it has no known established office or entity.

The organisation through Prof Fred Ogolla question why Kenyans are being asked of their PIN numbers and that the fund has also not been approved by parliament.

“A fund of this nature has to established by an Act of Parliament and the monies being dished to Kenyans must be contained in the financial budget,” professor said .

He stated in his petition to the high court that Kenyans need to be protected in receiving funds or monies which they need to be told the sources

The applicant want the court to order Hustlers Fund to disclose the operation office, company and the list of directors.

He aslo told kenyans not under pressure to pay back as funds lack legal framework repayment term.

The petition will be placed before the duty judge for directions.


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