Angola Seeks to Elevate Kizomba Dance Style to World Heritage

Luanda — The Angolan government wants to present to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) the application of the Kizomba dance style as Intangible Heritage of Humanity, revealed Saturday in Luanda Alice Beirão, consultant of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Kizomba is a musical genre and a dance style originating in Angola. The word Kizomba comes from the Kimbundu local language and means Feast or Celebration.

“It is a notorious exponent of national cultural identity, recreated after the end of the colonial period, quickly the music began to be danced. Today it is the reason for national and international competitions”, said the consultant.

According to Alice Beirão, who was presenting in the I Edition of the Made in Angola Expo the project for the “Nationalisation of the Kizomba Musical and Dance Style”, now is the right time for this, so that Angola cannot miss the recognition of the origin of the dance, reminding that nowadays the genre is very widespread in Europe.

She explained that the Angolan government, through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, conceived this project to make the national and international society aware of the origin and importance of Kizomba, hence the intention to elevate it to Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

At the conference on the theme “The origins and background of Kizomba”, the official said that a lot of work is expected to comply with the UNESCO requirements.

Alice Beirão said that the project is based on this set of actions, which for over 12 months would promote colloquiums, conferences, competitions and national and international festivals to study and promote the musical genre and a style of Kizomba dance.

In a specific way, the festivals and competitions to be held in the country and all over Europe ended with the holding of the first international festival of Kizomba dance promoted by the Angolan government scheduled for December 2023 in Luanda.

The annual event will bring together the various national and international finalists.

Dancers applaud initiative

The president of the Angolan Dance Association (AADANÇA), Maneco Vieira Dias, said that this attitude from the Angolan government was long awaited, as today begins a cycle for the retrieval and valorisation of the musical genre and dance style known as Kizomba.

“For us, as an association, this becomes a milestone in our struggle for the valorisation of Kizomba, and we hope that this will become Intangible Heritage of Humanity”, said the choreographer.

Mucano Charles, international promoter of Kizomba dance competition, was happy and shining with the project of nationalization of Kizomba and possible elevation to the intangible patrimony of humanity.

For more than 30 years in Kizomba dance contests, Mucano Charles said that in some European countries, particularly Portugal, many citizens make money out of Kizomba and, for the most part, without the proper affirmation that this musical genre and style of dance comes from Angola.


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