Liberia: Over 20 Women Died in Home Delivery

Nimba County — -Health workers in Nimba disclose

Over 20 pregnant women reportedly died this year in Nimba County during home delivery, which is said to be on the increase in the county.

Several health workers told The NEW DAWN that the prevalence of home delivery in various towns and villages is because of lack of health facilities, including bad road network, among others.

The health workers, some of whom are officers in charge at various health facilities in the county, said most pregnant women giving birth at home usually do not survive.

They said most of the pregnant women cover long distances before accessing medication, while other districts lack health centers that expected mothers would move in and stay until they give birth.

According to report, out of the 20 pregnant women that died, ten of them passed while they were being transported due to bad roads, while the rest died due to lack of waiting rooms for pregnant women in their respective districts.

Statistics revealed electoral districts 4,5,6,7 and 9 recorded the number of deaths of pregnant women.

Some traditional midwives who perform home delivery said that boyfriends of young girls give them small cash that cannot cover medical fees and materials.

When contacted, the head of the Nimba County Health Team, Doctor Natee Joe, confirmed the death of pregnant women from home delivery but challenged the number pronounced by health workers.


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