Ghana: Dikan Centre for Visual Education Inaugurated

Dikan Centre, a non-profit visual educa-tion centre has been inaugu-rated in Accra to promote visual and photogra-phy education in the country.

Located at the South La Estate, the centre has a photo gallery, story laboratory, studio, classrooms and Africa’s first photo library.

Established by Paul Ninson, a renowned international pho-tographer and filmmaker based in the US, the Dikan Centre is an educational and cultural place where people of all ages and backgrounds can go to learn and share their perspectives through exhibits, workshops, film screen-ing and train in photography.

Mr Ninson, a Ghanaian photographer and filmmaker, said after studying and working in the US he felt the need to come home and support the youth to achieve their dreams through photogra-phy and filmmaking at the Dikan Centre.

He said the Dikan (to wit’to take the lead’) Centre would offer a “comprehensive appreciation and education on visual arts.”

“At Dikan, we are setting a vi-brative power and momentum to use the tools of visual education to bring into riches the continent’s creative – visual arts industry into the fine form and commercial viability,” the renowned photogra-pher and filmmaker, stated.

Mr Ninson explained that thecentre had a Black book room, space resources documenting black visuals spanning generations of Africa.

He said the Black book room was to foster accessibility of books and resources dedicated to Africans.

Speaking at the launch, Profes-sor NaanaJane Opoku-Agyemang, who was the guest speaker com-mended Mr Ninson for establish-ing the centre.

She said Mr Ninson had demonstrated selflessness by coming back home to establish the centre to help Ghanaian youth to realise their dreams.

The former Vice Chancel-lor of the University of Cape Coast said the centre would give opportunity for the youth to learn photography and filmmaking.

Prof.Opoku-Agyemang said the centre would provide opportunity for photographers and filmmakers to exhibit their products.

She said the centre would give opportunity to the youth who were already into photography and film-making to hone their skills.

The Head of the George Pad-more Library in charge of African Affairs, Mr Simon Teye, said the establishment of the Dikan Centre was in line with the vision of the Ghana Library Authority to collect photographic resources to acceler-ate the development of the country.

He said efforts by MrNinson to digitise photographic resources were commendable.

“No library in this era can sur-vive without digitization,” Mr Teye stated.


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