Zimbabwe: President Hands Over Artefact to Museum of African Liberation

President Mnangagwa yesterday donated to the Museum of African Liberation, a letter written to Zanu PF 31 years ago by the Russian Government, during the Soviet era, which bares the good relations between the two nations that date back to the days of the liberation struggle.

Mr Putin recently donated the historical letter to President Mnangagwa who in turn handed it over to the Museum of African Liberation.

The letter was written in reply to the Zanu PF Women’s League missive to the Russians three decades ago thanking the global superpower for supporting Zimbabwe towards the attainment of independence.

Russia is among the three nations outside Africa honoured by having their flags fly at the Museum of African Liberation in Warren Park, Harare, for its colossal support for the liberation movements in Africa.

Speaking at State House yesterday while handing over the artefact to Institute of African Knowledge (Instak), which is managing the Museum of African Liberation, President Mnangagwa said it came from his Russian counterpart, President Putin.

“The letter was written in 1991 and is coming from Mr Putin to Zanu PF so that it can be preserved at the Museum of African Liberation,” he said.

INSTAK chairperson, Professor Simbi Mubako said: “This letter was donated by President Putin to our President who has asked the Museum to keep it. The letter was written on February 12, 1991.

“We are very grateful that His Excellency the President has honoured the Museum of African Liberation with this other artefact,” he said.

Prof Mubako said it was the work of the museum to be able to keep and store historical facts and artefacts such as the donated letter.

“We are still waiting for more artefacts which will come in this manner. Otherwise, we are very grateful.

“The letter is about solidarity between the Zimbabwe women’s league and the Soviet people, women’s league of that time,” he said.

The Museum of African Liberation is housed at the Liberation City in Warren Park, Harare.


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