Uganda: Forum for Democratic Change Unveils New Plan to Dislodge Museveni in 2026

The NEC retreat recommended a number of strategic interventions that the party must take to enable it take over leadership of the country.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has returned to the drawing board in preparation for the 2026 General Election.

The party has also looked into refreshing National Executive Council members on managing conflicts within the party and waking those in hibernation to shoot for the same goal.

While closing the three days National Executive Committee (NEC) leadership retreat at the Country Lake Resort – Garuga in Wakiso District.the party president, Patrick Oboi Amuriat called upon members to be steadfast, contribute towards building a resilient, robust and proactive party that will be able to take state power and offer leadership to the country.

The three days retreat has reflected and analyzed the current party ‘s political situation and climate, drew attention to the national council resolution and also built synergies geared towards ending the NRM regime.

The retreat has also retooled members of NEC and enhanced their capacities as they discharge their constitutional responsibilities.

NEC members have been trained on gender mainstreaming in FDC leadership, balancing party work and personal responsibilities, leadership ethics and personal conduct and leadership communication skills.

Other issues included social media in effective communication, conflict management and resolution in Party building, aggressive and effective mobilization strategy, financial mobilization and fundraising plan among others.

The NEC retreat has recommended a number of strategic interventions that the party must take to strengthen the Party, make it a Party of Choice and be able to take over leadership of the country.

FDC previously held the 15th national council meeting which according to Amuriat was a positive reminder of the internal democratic processes and this saw the attendance by numerous party leaders from across the country.

This is the second largest organ of the party. The council also directed the party on a number of issues based on a report that we gathered after moving across the country in an election and party structure audit.

During the national council meeting the party launched the third five-year (2022-2027) FDC strategic plan in recognition of and preparation to counter the turbulent future of the country.

This guiding document is going to steer the party forward basing on 10 strategic objectives including building, consolidating and expanding FDC’s popular support base, solidarity & brotherhood, building a robust electoral infrastructure to win and defend victories, building a strong financial resource base and ensuring accountability of all elected leaders both party and government.

Other strategic objectives are rebuilding and restructuring the party secretariat, building, strengthening and securing party leaders, members and party assets, building a strong and effective communication and media network, establishing policies, best practices for land use and environmental conservation.

Amuriat explained that building partnerships with other democracy seeking forces and organizations and monitoring and evaluating this strategic plan are also very key.


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