Ethiopia Aims to Eliminate Cholera 2yrs Ahead of Global Plan

Addis Ababa (ENA) — Ethiopian Public Health Institute is deliberating a high-level consultative and advocacy workshop on national cholera control plan.

Health Minister, Lia Tadesse, representatives from WHO, UNICEF and other government officials are participating in the consultative and advocacy workshop.

In line with the global roadmap for the Control and Elimination of Cholera, Ethiopia through the Ministry of Health has committed to roadmap of cholera elimination by 2030 on 71st world health assembly.

Furthermore, Ethiopia took a bold and ambitious step to eliminate cholera in Ethiopia by 2028 ahead of the global target.

Ethiopia has developed its first country Multisector Cholera Elimination Plan 2022/23 with the overall aim to reduce morbidity and mortality due to cholera and achieve cholera elimination in Ethiopia by 2028.

According to the Global Taskforce on Cholera Control (GTFCC), the new global strategy for cholera control aims to achieve a 90 percent reduction in cholera deaths through the mobilization of cholera-affected countries with the support of the GTFCC.

It also indicates that it is possible to stop disease transmission by 2030 in up to 20 countries by working together.

The Global Roadmap to 2030 also calls on countries, technical partners and donors to step up their efforts and pool their resources to eliminate cholera by focusing on early detection and quick response as well as using vaccines in cholera hotspots among other things.


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