South Africa: Additional Covid-19 Booster Mooted for South Africans Over 50 – South African News Briefs – December 28, 2022

Cape Town — South Africans Over 50 May Soon Receive Fifth Covid-19 Booster Shot

South Africans over 50 years of age may be eligible to receive a fifth Covid-19 vaccine booster shot pending a decision by the health department, TimesLive reports. The department said: “Enquiries about whether additional Covid-19 vaccine booster doses will be made available to provide ongoing protection, especially for older persons and those who are immunocompromised and at the highest risk of severe Covid-19 complications.” The extra booster is said to be one that may be taken voluntarily and is not part of a greater community campaign.

White Men Seen Assaulting Black Teens in in Viral Video Face Attempted Murder Charges

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has changed a charge of assault to one of attempted murder after new information was found in a case where a group of white men assaulted two black teenagers at Maselspoort Resort, IOL reports. This comes after several statements were obtained by SAPS gave a new directive to the case. The incident was filmed and shared on social media, sparking outrage after it went viral.

South Africa on Verge of Teacher Shortage, Education NGO Warns

According to School-Days, an education-based non-profit organisation, South Africa will face a shortage of teachers in several years with CEO Paul Esterhuizen calling on government to make the education sector more attractive to young people, Eyewitness News reports. “Budgets overall in education are not increasing at the rate at which teachers’ salaries have been increasing, they are running at deficit and are unable to hire more teachers,” Esterhuizen said, adding that the current average 30-1 teacher-to-pupil ratio is rising.


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