Tanzania: Elders Urge Yanga to Resolve Fei Toto Issue

YOUNG Africans elders have called on the club’s management to ensure that they amicably resolve the saga surrounding midfield maestro Feisal Salum by sticking to the constitution.

This was highlighted yesterday by the coordinator of Yanga Branches in Dar es Salaam Shaban Mgonja during a meeting held at the club’s headquarters in the city which was attended by leaders of branches and members of the club.

“We are not against him (Feisal) leaving the club but what we want is to see that he follows all the required procedures so that he can depart peacefully and not otherwise.

“We have no reason to obstruct his move to another club provided the necessary procedures are respected for him to leave. This is a constitutional issue meaning that both parties should sit down and map the way forward,” Mgonja said.

He added that though they have no evidence, they believe that someone is behind Feisal and he is instructing him on what to do saying that person is the elder’s enemy.

“Somebody is telling Feisal what to do… we are not exactly sure who is that person but we think Azam are directly involved in this whole saga as they want to use their financial abilities to hijack the player just like the way they did to Mrisho Ngasa and other key Yanga players back then.

“Azam are one of our sponsors and they give us a good amount of money monthly because we help them to advertise their products too. In such a scenario, it becomes difficult for us to confront each other outside the pitch because we depend on each other.

“However, if Azam are behind this controversy, then we are urging our management to consider terminating the existing contract so that we can easily go head to head without fearing one another,” he insisted.

He further said that as of yesterday, Feisal did not report to the camp for the training ahead of Saturday’s match against Mtibwa Sugar at Manungu Complex in Morogoro.

“Nobody knows his current whereabouts, he is nowhere to be seen even though some social media platforms are reporting that he has returned to camp but the truth is that he is yet to join his teammates,” added.

Yanga are currently leading the Premier League table with 47 points from 18 matches and can extend it to 50 points if they defeat Mtibwa Sugar in their away fixture.


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