Tanzania: DSE Investors Remain Active in Festive Season

THE equities market recorded an improved performance earlier than expected as both local and foreign investors engage in transacting right before the end of the holidays.

“We expect performance to increase further in the coming week,” said the Advisory and Capital Markets at Vertex International Securities Manager Ahmed Nganya in the Weekly Market Review.

During the week, domestic equities recorded an improved performance from last week’s numbers as the market picks up momentum. The market recorded a weekly Turnover of 3.40bn/- and 8.71 million shares traded.

Total market capitalisation increased to 15.68tri/-, a 0.42 per cent increase and the Domestic market capitalisation increased to 10.27tri/-, a 0.75 per cent increase.

All Shares Index (DSEI) increased by 0.75 per cent to close at 1,881.99 points and Tanzania Shares Index (TSI) increased by 0.25 per cent to close at 3,888.81 points.

The Banks, Finance & Investment (BI) closed at 3384.28, 0.98 per cent up as CRDB price increased. Industrial & Allied (IA) and Commercial Services (CS) remained unchanged closing at 5,022.79 and 2,147.73 points respectively.

According to the report, the price movement on domestic equities was only recorded on CRDB this week. Closing at 395/-, a 2.60 per cent increase. Other counters had encountered no price change this week.

CRDB was a top market mover this week, recording 98.27 per cent of total market turnover followed by NMB with 1.47 per cent.

Orbit Securities Co Limited said in its Synopsis that investors who made the bold decision to invest in the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange have been rewarded for their bravery, as the Tanzania Share Index (TSI) closed the year with a stunning gain of 323.63 points.

The domestic market capitalisation soared by a staggering 9 per cent from 9.4tri/- to 10.2tri/-. This impressive performance demonstrates the strength and resilience of the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) and investors are sure to be pleased with their end-of-year returns.


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