Tunisia: Al Joumhoui Decries Summons of Ayachi Hammami, Néjib Chebbi and Ridha Belhadj Before Justice

Tunis/Tunisia — The Republican Party “Al Joumhouri” decried the decisions to summon activists and politicians Ayachi Hammami, Ahmed Néjib Chebbi and Ridha Belhadj before the courts.

Al Joumhouri condemned the policy of prosecuting political opposition figures in a statement issued on Tuesday, warning of the risks that could arise from “the repression” of the freedom of expression.

The lawsuits brought against political opposition figures are evidence of the failure of the “coup d’état” process, which is now devoid of any political credibility and popular support, the party warned.

It called on the national forces to rally to defend the democratic gains and lead a national campaign to overthrow the “coup authorities.”

Coordinator of the committee for the defence of dismissed judges (57) Ayachi Hammami said on Monday that he had been summoned to appear in court for “defamation and spreading rumours.”

National Salvation Front leaders Ahmed Néjib Chebbi and Ridha Belhadj were summoned to appear before the investigating judge, following a complaint lodged against them by Free Destourian Party President Abir Moussi.


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