Uganda: KCCA Moves to Blacklist Contractors Over Shoddy Works

KCCA Executive Director, Dorothy Kisaka has said the authority has finalised plans to blacklist all road contractors fond of doing shoddy works that cost the public huge sums of taxpayers money.

She revealed that among the targets are those contractors who prolong road construction projects in a bid to increase expenditure and affect project completion time.

“Some have already been blacklisted and we shall use contractors who deliver. We are blacklisting those people. Wherever there is a contractor that is lazy, slow on delivery, we are black listing them. They won’t be given any more work,” Kisaka said.

The development followed concerns over contractors who take longer than the agreed time to complete projects

Kisaka noted that government must not be held at ransom by contractors who can not deliver in accordance with the agreed time frame.

According to the KCCA Executive Director, despite the availability of a clear public procurement and disposal of public assets system at City Hall through which service providers are hired, some contractors are business minded.

“You see, business is business. If a contractor chooses to kick back somebody, I am not going to go police them that they shouldn’t kick back but as an administrator, I must ensure that the systems within KCCA can assess in a professional way a contractor who is coming on board,” Kisaka emphasized.

She also commented about plans to reconstruct some of the roads in the city which are in a deplorable state in the five divisions of the city.

According to Kisaka, KCCA is to ensure that there is value for money got from the African Development Bank for road construction

Kisaka said that to ensure value for money, KCCA will rely on hired consultants to oversee the quality of the construction works and ensure that they meet the required agreed upon contractual standards.

“We hire them to advise KCCA, to supervise the works, assess the works and ensure quality.”


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