Uganda: Two Suspected ADF Agents Arrested Over Surveilling, Planning to Attack Police Post

Police in Kamwenge district in Western Uganda have arrested two men suspected to be agents of rebel outfit and terrorist organization, ADF while carrying out surveillance on one of its police posts in the area.

According to Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, the two were allegedly carrying out surveillance on a police post in Rwamwanja refugee settlement in Kamwenge district in a bid to carry out attack an attack on it.


“They were spying on the police in the refugee settlement. The two are suspected to be amongst rebel collaborators in the western region that have been furnishing intelligence to their counterparts in eastern DRC,”Enanga said.

He said the suspects have since been handed over to the UPDF Mountain Division headquarters for safe custody as investigations continue.

“We believe the arrest is to help us to dig more information about their acts.”


Attacks on stations

The development comes on the backdrop of several attacks on police stations and posts by unknown assailants that security has since said were ADF rebels.

The attacks last year started when a Traffic Police checkpoint was attacked by men with mechetes killing one of the officers and taking the gun.

Later, a group of not less than seven armed assailants raided Busiika police station in Luweero, killed three police officers and took away guns.

Several other attacks targeting security personnel, especially police officers for their guns either happened or were foiled in several parts of the country.


Towards the end of the year, the Crime Intelligence bust the group that has been behind the attacks on police personnel.

“We are happy that the leader of the terror cell in Nyendo, Masaka city,

One Ali Katende alias Mao suspected to be the leader of the group was arrested in a sting operation carried out in Nyendo, Masaka City.

It was found out that Katende would coordinate the attacks on police stations and posts around the country by moving from Masaka and join other colleagues in Matugga and Maganjo where they had created smaller terror cells to avoid detection.

He was found with nine guns including a PK machine gun, a Russian made belt-fed general-purpose machine gun, chambered for the 7.62×54mmR rimmed cartridge.

The suspects who raided Kyabadaaza Police Station were reported to have been moving with such

The gun had earlier been seen with suspects who attacked Kyabadaaza police station and freed some of their colleagues who had been arrested over cattle theft.

Earlier, two other suspected members of the same group had been arrested by a joint team of the Crime Intelligence and Flying Squad Unit whereas two others had been killed in Matugga.


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