Nigeria: ‘Govt Must Impose Travel Restriction From China’

The Youth Party has urged the Federal Government to immediately restrict travel from China in other to avoid another pandemic. The Party made this known in a statement signed by the National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Ayodele Adio.

Mr. Adio noted that “although China is refusing to share accurate information on infections and deaths from the resurgence of Covid, it is estimated that at least 5,000 people are dying daily from the dreaded virus.” He, therefore, urged the Federal Government to first restrict travel from China and take necessary steps to trace, isolate and test passengers from China in the last two weeks.

“About 13 countries have restricted travel from China to protect their citizens, and I wonder why the Federal Government is waiting for knowing the huge traffic between Nigeria and China,” Mr. Adio said. “We must ensure we immediately impose travel restrictions from China and take the necessary steps to track passengers that have arrived in Nigeria from China in the last two weeks.”

Additionally, the party noted that Nigeria’s health system and economy cannot manage another pandemic and must do everything necessary to avoid a resurgence.


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