Rising Demand for ferries from Europe to Northern Africa

Since the Coronavirus is making a lesser impact on society, more bookings are being made for the ferries heading south to Northern Africa from European countries: Spain, France, and Italy. Before the pandemic started there were only 23 ferry connections active. At this time there are in total 29 ferries active towards Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. A Growth of 26%.

The growing interest in Marocco and Tunisia

Family vacations in Africa are getting more popular again post-corona, also since people are less scared to make long trips and are getting ready again to cross the Mideterenenan sea. The rise however can also be possible due to many people who delayed their original trips and now are ready to make their trips to family in Northern Marocco again.

The 29 Routes to Marocco, Tunisia, and Algeria

In total there are 12 ferries active to Algeria, 5 to Tunisia, and 12 from Spain to Morocco. These 29 ferries in total are a strong signal for the popularity of these crossings from Europe to Northern Europe. New ships are on the route and most ferry operators are getting ready for the high season. The main operators on these routes are Algerie ferries, Grimaldi Lines, GNV, and FRS.

Inflation however is driving the prices upwards

The heavy inflation doesn’t seem to be a burden for the traveler. Simple because the routes are growing very fast in popularity, new ferry ships are being added even though in the last 3 years, the prices have risen by an average of 20%.

Popularity will continue to rise

The ferry industry is positive that the popularity of these routes towards northern Africa will continue to rise. Also since Africa is becoming a more popular destination for the European traveler due to innovation and investments.


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