Kenya: Leave My Charlene Alone, President Ruto Tells Netizens Trolling Daughter

Nairobi — ‘Leave my daughter alone’ was the subtle jab that President William Ruto shoved to netizens on social media who have been trolling his daughter Charlene Ruto.

Charlene has come under attack in recent weeks after she declared herself as the occupant of the ‘Office of the First Daughter.’

“Leave my daughter Charlene alone. These are kids, they are just being children. So you know very well that there’s no such office,” Ruto told a joint TV interview at State House on Wednesday night.

It was NTV’s James Smart who jokingly asked him to point to them where the office is located.

“That’s hilarious,” the president said, “This a girl just trying to be herself at her pace. Her friends are advising her maybe we should do this and that. She is okay, she’s just being the daughter of William Ruto and sometimes she doesn’t know the between the President and the father.”

Charlene is Ruto’s third-born daughter who is has emerged as the most outgoing of all, lately making courtesy calls to various county and national government officials.

In the month December, she caused a stir when she introduced her delegation to Tanzania as members of staff at the Office of the First Daughter.

The move elicited a mix of reactions with agitated Kenyans questioning whether the office was being funded by taxpayers.

In November, she held a series of political engagements with official visits to several county assemblies, held meetings with governors and even flew to Morocco in a visit that touched off a major backlash.

“I am out to empower the youth and I have no regrets for that,” she said.

Kenyans raised eyebrows as to why she has been visiting different county assemblies comparing her to former US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka.


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