Tunisia: Number of Tourists Up 98% in Sousse

Tunis/Tunisia — The number of tourists who visited the Sousse-El Kantaoui tourist region rose by 98% in 2022, compared to the same period in 2021.

Sousse tops the list of Tunisian tourist destinations with 76% of visitors in 2019 (reference year), said Local Commissioner for Tourism Taoufik El Gaied.

The number of tourists who had visited Sousse last December 20-31 had been up by 0.5% to 50.988 thousands, against 50.716 tousands in 2019, the same source added.

Hotels in Sousse City and El Kantaoui had accomodated 995.234 tourists in 2022, against 502.022 in 2021, he inidcated.

Likewise, the region also saw a 161.5% rise in the number of overnight stays to 3.483.927, against 1.332.154 in 2021.

Sousse governorate further recorded a 101% increase in the number of visitors from December 21 to 31, reaching 50.988 thousands against 25.353 thousands the previous year.

The number of overnight stays also edged up during the same period, hitting 132.631 against 58.404 in 2021.

The domestic market ranked first in terms of the number of visitors (481.713 thousands), i.e. up 28.5% compared to 2021.

The number of Algerian tourists edged up by 1,000% compared to 2021, according to the Local Tourism Authority.

Hotels in Sousse El Kantaoui accomodated 127.902 thousand Algerian tourists in 2022, including 14.735 thousands on the new year’s eve.

The traditional markets also made a comeback, such as the German market as it posted a 692% rise in the number of tourists to 47.015 thousands, the UK market (up 1,000% to 48.837 thousands) and the French market (+386% to 54.157 thousands).


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