Nigeria: Hundreds of Motorists, Travellers Stranded On Abuja-Keffi Expressway

The Abuja-Keffi highway is a major entry point into Abuja from Nasarawa State. It is currently being dualised.

The Abuja-Keffi expressway, the major highway between the North-Central state of Nasarawa and Abuja, the nation’s capital, has descended into chaos due to a traffic gridlock.

The closure of traffic to the Ado Bridge linking the One Man’s Village portion of the expressway is responsible for the traffic congestion, our reporter observed.

A commuter, Abdullahi Umar, who was commuting from the Masaka end of the road to Nyanya, blamed the government for the hardship.

“The government doesn’t care about the suffering of the people. Can you imagine people trekking in this hot sun,” Mr Umar wondered as he disembarked from the tricycle he was riding in.

Another commuter, who simply gave her name as Charity, told PREMIUM TIMES that this is “hell.”

A distraught wedding guest who refused to give his name, described the situation as “insensitive of the government to have closed the Ado Bridge without providing alternative route.”

This reporter, who was stranded for three hours in the congestion, observed hundreds of commuters getting off their vehicles to trek in the scorching sun.

Travellers to and from Abuja remain stranded.

Our reporter observed a mother with her toddler walking in the sweltering weather after their car broke down at One Man’s Village.

Another woman was seen with a baby wrapped in a shawl and sandwiched between her and a motorbike rider as they meandered the gridlock.

The Abuja-Keffi expressway is a major entry point into Abuja from Nasarawa State. It is being dualised from Keffi to Makurdi in Benue State.


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