Namibia: No Need to Panic Over New Covid Virus Subvariant, Says Health Minister

Health minister Kalumbi Shangula says Namibia is prepared for the Omicron XXB subvariant of the novel coronavirus and the public should not panic.

Shangula told The Namibian on Sunday that the Ministry of Health and Social Services has since 2021 been prepared to handle an outbreak of the Omicron novel coronavirus variant.

“We have dealt with all the cases until it was shared that there will be no more regulations with regard to Covid-19,” Shangula said.

He said there is no need to panic about the Omicron XXB subvariant, which is reported to be more infectious than earlier variants of the novel coronavirus, and that the public would be informed if the subvariant becomes a mattern of concern in Namibia.

“Take additional precautions, but at the present moment we must just continue with what we have been doing since August last year,” Shangula said.


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