Kenya: President Ruto Vows to Modernize Police, Enhance Community Policing

Nairobi — President William Ruto now says that the newly graduated officers from the Kenya Police Service represent a critical milestone in Kenya’s journey to boost police ratios.

President Ruto’s remarks come as his administration plans to recruit at least 15,000 police officers by 2026.

The Head of State said Tuesday during the passing out of 2881 police recruits at the National Police College Main campus-Kiganjo that the fresh batch of police officers enhances the country’s commitment to align itself with evolving security needs and policing approaches.

President Ruto called on the officers to serve the country with utmost integrity and selflessness while executing their mandate.

“In this uniform, you will be called upon at all times to be conscious of the immense power and privilege you have and to be mindful of your corresponding obligation to exercise it conscientiously and responsibly,” President Ruto said.

An audit conducted in 2019 following the biometric registration of police officers revealed that the country had 101,288 police officers at the time.

The Head of State said that the police officers will be called upon at all times to be conscious of the immense power and privilege they have and to be mindful of their duty to exercise it conscientiously and responsibly.

He reiterated the need for police officers to acquaint themselves with the national values and principles of governance set out in Article 10 of the Constitution.

“This way, you will remain ever conscious of our commitment to deliver a new, citizen-centric, service-oriented, and human rights-respecting policing and security paradigm that keeps the Republic of Kenya and its people safe without sacrificing their rights and freedoms,” he said.

The Head of State stated that it is incumbent upon police officers to serve in such a manner that the country should never have to make what he described “odious trade-off between democracy, rule of law and freedom on one hand and security on the other.”

“Whenever we find ourselves even considering such a bargain, we may be sure that we are on the verge of taking dangerous shortcuts in governance,” President Ruto said.

He assured the security agencies in the country of his commitment to improving their terms and conditions of service.

The Head of State further indicated that his administration will enhance the partnerships between security agencies and the communities across the country to improve police effectiveness and responsiveness in addressing emerging security challenges.

To function effectively, President Ruto said that police must be complemented by community-based efforts and initiatives.

He added that the Government is also committed to facilitating efficient coordination between various agencies in resolving those problems that call for joint approaches.

“It is critical for us to exploit the potential for synergy among organisations throughout the criminal justice system to deliver better value to Kenyans,” he said.

The head of State stated that the government remains committed to modernizing the police service and maintaining and enhancing the professional standards and efficiency in service delivery.


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