Nigeria: Party Agents Protest Delay in Uploading Results On Irev, Discrepancies in Results

PDP Representative, Dino Melaye, said the party representatives are going to make a presentation when collation resumes.

Some political parties’ representatives have protested the delay in the uploading of the presidential election results on the election results Viewing portal (IRev), insisting that collation will not continue until that is done.

They also claimed that there are cases of over-voting in the results of Ekiti and Kwara States as presented by their collation officers and Resident Electoral Commissioners.

PDP’s representative, Dino Melaye, who appeared to be the most vocal, said the total result in Ekiti State surpassed the number of votes cast by about 800.

The Labour Party (LP) representative also said there was an excess vote of 7,330 in Kwara state.

Mr Melaye attempted to interrupt the presentation of results by the Kwara State REC and collation officer, insisting that the electoral commission must upload the result on IReV and display them for viewing as states collation officers and their RECs present the results.

He said the party representatives will not be the National Collation Centre to “rubber stamp the fraud that has been done” at different levels.

He said the party representatives are going to make a presentation when collation resumes.

But the INEC chairman, Mahmood Yakubu, insisted that the cases of over-voting should have been flagged at either their polling units during counting, the registration areas, during local government collation or at the state collation centres. The parties have their representatives in all three levels, he said.

After receiving the results of Kwara, Osun and Ondo State, he announced a recess and said collation continues in an hour.

He said other RECs and state collation officers are yet to arrive with their results.


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