Zimbabwe: Potraz Commits to Drive Digital Economy

With the need for rapid growth in digital services in all parts of Zimbabwe, ICT regulator Potraz remains committed to the provision of digital services as the country steps up efforts of digitalising the economy in pursuit of Vision 2030.

The digitisation of the economy creates benefits and efficiencies as digital technologies drive innovation and fuel job opportunities and economic growth.

The digital economy also permeates all aspects of society, influencing the way people interact and bringing about broad sociological changes.

Speaking during an awareness campaign under the theme “Fair Digital Financial Services” at Murewa Business Centre in Mashonaland East yesterday, the economic and financial analyst of The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, Mr Talent Munyaradzi, said technology and digitalisation were the order of the day.

“Technology is the order of the day everywhere. Digitalisation of the economy augments production capacity and attracts foreign and domestic investments through creation of competitive development strategies under special economic zones which are attractive to investors in line with the mantra that Zimbabwe is Open for Business,” he said.

“The digital technology thrust in the programme will surely help the country in efforts to achieve Vision 2030 that will create a prosperous upper middle-income society as information communication technology is key and cross-cutting.

“As the regulatory board, we remain committed to ensuring that everyone everywhere is not being left behind in this new modern way of life that makes everything simple.”

The economy, he said, was without a doubt one of the aspects that has been most impacted by the era of digitisation.

“Technology today continues to transform how we buy, how we work and how we live, with technological advances that seek to facilitate finances and processes of daily life that everyone everywhere should be using,” he said.

Speaking during the same campaign, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Principal Analyst, Mr Alois Kuipa, said the digital economy removes many of the barriers that previously defined the way of life.

“A clear example is work, which took a turn with technological advances that allow, for example, working from home, making teleworking. The same is happening to all other facets to our lives which you may think of,” he said.

He called on the populace to be in the guard against rising cyber un ethical activities urging consumers to report any unfair practices involving digital transactions.

Consumer Council of Zimbabwe administration manager, Mr Andrew Daka, said availability and accessibility to technological services in communities was crucial in achieving social inclusion and economic development.

“Across the globe, the new paradigm of digital economy has gained substantial foothold and ICTs have emerged as the key-enabler and driver of innovation and competitiveness,” he said.

“Going digital is therefore no longer a simple matter of choice or a demonstration of opulence, rather it is the new bedrock of our economy and a driver of the much-needed growth.”


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