Liberia: Rep. Gray Challenges OACPS Parliamentarians

The Head of the Liberian Delegation to the 62nd Session of the Organization of African, Caribbean, and Pacific States (OACPS) Parliament, Rep. Acarous Gray is calling on his colleagues to act within the framework of their authority.

According to the Press Bureau of the House of Representatives, a dispatch from Brussels says Rep. Gray took part in discussions at the OACPS headquarters.

The discussions covered issues of strategic focus that ranged from partnerships within member states and their links with the European Union.

They also focused on the expansion of OACPS partnership and visibility within the global framework, food and energy crisis, Maritime Security, climate change, and current global issues.

Parliamentarians from member states of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific are participating in the 62nd Session of OACPS Parliamentary Assembly in Brussels.

The Legislature of the Republic of Liberia is represented by Montserrado County Electoral District 8 Representative Acarous M. Gray who is actively engaged in a week-long session aimed at addressing pertinent international and regional matters.

During the opening session, Ana Rita Sithole, a member of the Mozambique Parliament and the current President of the OACPS Parliamentary Assembly, provided an opening statement.

Sithole highlighted the State of play on many challenges faced by OACPS Countries as well as some unresolved issues regarding the signing of the Post-Cotonou Agreement with the European.

He further restated his commitment to improve the visibility of the Parliamentary Assembly, strengthen the organ, and create alliances with key strategic assemblies.

Taking the floor during these deliberations, Liberia’s representative Mr. Acarous M. Gray thanked the Chair of the ACP working group on the Post Contou, Joseph Owona Kono, and Robert Dussey, Chief Negotiator of the OACPS-EU Partnership Agreement.

He further called on his colleagues to act within the framework of their authority and that deliberation on major political issues of global and regional concerns that are cardinal to the forward match of the OACPS Countries’ relationship with the European Union must be based on promoting good governance, sovereignty and the separation of domestic structure to achieve Win-Win cooperation.

The Liberia Delegation included Mr. Gray, Senve Darlington Tehmeh, Minister Counselor Press and Public Affairs -Alternate Representative (OACPS), and Madam Harriette M. Thomas, 1st Secretary/ Consul.

The current relationship with ACP countries is governed by the ACP-EU partnership agreement (2000), also known as the Cotonou Agreement.

It unites over 100 partner countries and some 1.5 billion people. It is the most comprehensive partnership agreement ever signed between the EU and third countries.


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