Nigeria: Customs Operations Worsen Traffic On Apapa-Oshodi Expressway

Commuters and motorists plying the Mile 2 to Second Rainbow, along the Apapa-Oshodi expressway, have decried the activities of officers and men of the Federal Operations Unit, Zone A, of the Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, and those of the Comptroller-General’s Customs Strike Force Team A. They insisted that their operations have further compounded the traffic situation along the route.

The Customs officers are also alleged to be stationed at the turn, downward Mile 2 bridge, where they continually arrest container-laden truckers and imported vehicles coming from the ports.

However, the NCS stated that the activities of its officers do not affect the traffic along the route, noting that the officers are on legal duty.

A commuter, Adebayo Adewale, who spoke with Vanguard, noted that the activities of the NCS officers and other security agents have compounded the chaotic traffic situation along that route.

He said: “Customs officers, stationed at the Second Rainbow, use their van to block the road in their effort to prevent some soldiers from plying their Toyota cars which they alleged have been cleared from the ports.”

He said that but for the restraint exhibited by the soldiers, the situation would have degenerated into an uncontrollable level.

He said apart from extorting motorists, the Customs officers usually accost container-laden truckers officially cleared from the ports and line them along the road, further compounding the traffic situation.

Adewale further alleged that both the Customs officers and other security officers have camp boys who collect money from divers that ply that route.


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