Nigeria: Why I Don’t Want to Be Full Time Actor – Success John

Dr. Success John had always been fascinated by the make-believe world of acting. Even as a child, all he ever dreamed was to be on the big screen, interpreting all sorts of roles but he never for once considered himself cut along the lines of one who would love to make a living by it.

Even though he has given a good account of himself as an actor and has carved a niche for himself in the industry, the light-complexioned man from Okpokwu local government area of Benue State never saw actors as affluent people.

He shares his fears with Potpourri in a recent interview, ” In the last 6 months I have turned down over 50 to 70 scripts from different producers calling me to take part in different kinds of roles for them.

I kept telling them I am not a full time actor.I have acting in me naturally but I am scared of becoming broke if I become a full time actor.”

Fantasies aside, the world that held his attention and true admiration is that of business. He dreamed of business and lived business. It is not by a stroke of luck that he sits atop an empire called Infiniti Group as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer. Apart from being a skincare expert and a dermatologist, his business concerns span hospitality, import and export, inter city services, real estate, luxury furniture, interior decoration, farming, politics and many more.

He’s an established multifaceted entrepreneur and politician. His resume never included acting and film productions unti 2020. He was having a ball as a businessman and skincare expert before the script of the movie industry manifested in his life.


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