Liberia: ‘Inadequate Funding of NEC Puts Liberia’s Democracy, Security At Risk’

… Says Cummings

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander Cummings, has disclosed that inadequate funding of the National Elections Commission (NEC) puts the country’s democracy, and security at risk.

Cummings argues that President George Weah’s administration’s failure to timely finance the NEC constitutes a flagrant breach of the Liberian Constitution.

“The issue of insufficient funding is the result of gross incompetence on the part of the Weah’s administration, which then put the country’s peace and security at serious risk,” Cummings claimed in an interview with the VOA on, March 12.

“There is an urgent need to adequately fund the electoral process and hold the NEC accountable to conduct free, fair and transparent elections that reflect the actual will of the Liberian people.”

Cummings’ rebuke of the Weah administration comes after the electoral body’s had complaints about not receiving all of the funding required to conduct the voter registration process.

According to the NEC, the Ministry of Finance has provided US$18 million for the conduct of the biometric voters registration which is expected to kick off this month but a deficit of US$3.3 million still remains.

“We were informed that some four million was being processed but up to date, there is no funding for the elections process,” NEC Board Davidetta Browne Lansanah disclosed during a March 10 appearance at the Senate.

Lansanah also revealed that the Weah administration has also adjusted its US$91 million election budget to US$33 million and promised to make payment in phases.

This for Cummings, is worrisome as payment in phase pose a threat to the elections, saying he will remain vocal about the adequate and timely funding of the electoral process.

Cummings added that he will galvanize opposition political parties to discuss the need for the Weah administration to realize that funding NEC is a “critical responsibility” for the country’s safety.

On the issue of the recently concluded census, the CPP Standard Bearer said there are serious concerns about the integrity of the census result.

Cummings said he is awaiting the details of the census for proper analysis and evaluation by a team of specialists, to make an informed decision.

The CPP Standard Bearer spoke on a wide range of issues aimed at restoring good governance, improved health care, education, economic revitalization, job creation, and ensuring national security for all Liberians and foreigners on the shores of Liberia.


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