Zimbabwe: Dean of Students Fingered in UZ-SRC Coup

University of Zimbabwe students have accused the institution’s Dean of students Munyaradzi Madambi of inspiring a coup in the students politics after he allegedly masterminded a meeting which saw the expulsion of two Student Representative Council members Allan Chipoyi and Munashe Masiiwa.

Chipoyi and Masiiwa who are the President and Secretary General respectively were expelled from the UZ-SRC for missing two consecutive meetings.

Dissatisfied with this decision, the student leaders, through their lawyer, Obey Shava of Shava Law chambers have approached the High Court for review of the decision and in the interim sought an urgent relief to have their expulsion suspended.

Justice Mangota presided over the matter.

In his argument, Shava said, “the meeting which the student leaders allegedly missed was called by the Dean of Students who had no authority to convene such a meeting.

“Student leaders had no obligation to attend an illegal meeting. No sanction befalls those who turn a blind eye to the devil’s alter call.”

He also argued that the Dean of Students has no business interfering in students’ politics and that the Court should frown upon his attempt to subvert the authentic voice of the students who elected these leaders into office.

“On the other hand, allowing the “new leadership” brought through the Dean inspired soft coup, to remain in office would be promoting a culture of rigging at an early stage of their political career, and in the process, creating mini dictators in these future leaders,” said Shava adding that the expulsion of the Chipoyi and Masiiwa should be set aside.


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