Accelerating Digital Operations Transformation Towards Business Success

Northern Africa OTF 2023 was successfully held by Huawei in Barcelona, encircling the theme of ‘Accelerating Digital Operations Transformation Towards Business Success’.

More than 120 executives from delegates of government and regulator, operators and industrial organizations, analysts and KOLs in the region had in-depth exchanges on the successful business practices, digital operations experiences, innovative business, digital organization and talent transformation and global vision of Northern Africa digital transformation development.

Bill Tang, P resident of Huawei Global Technical Service said in the opening speech entitled ‘Together, Lighting Up The Digital Future’ that  currently, with the challenges of the telecommunication industry market and growth opportunities within the next 10 years, d igital transformation is becoming a must, ‘Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast’, Huawei will continuously increase digital investment, through co-creations on the combination of consulting service and digital solutions, empowering carriers on ‘Three Upgrades’, deepen the transformation, unleash sustainable value, and light up the future.

Aaron Boasman-Patel, VP of TM Forum said in his keynote speech, more than 30 billion connections is forecasted by 2025. Digital transformation in the face of future and 5G, carrier’s top priority should be improving customer experience-oriented autonomous operations and realize business value through Value Operation Framework. Digital transformation is critical to unlock $700 billion of new growth.

In the Fintech field ,  with the rising wave of Fintech sector in Africa, S aid Aragaw, CMO of ethio telecom shared that Fintech continues to revolutionize African market towards digitized financial inclusion. ethio telecom is a great example of how unbanked segment of society was made part main stream, 29 million users in 18 months is an achievement to be proud of.

As a leading digital transformation carrier in the region, O mar  Abutalag, CEO of Almadar Aljadid shared their successful practice, he indicated that the focus of digital operation transformation is building closed-loop operation with the support of highly integrated and flexible platform, also it is crucial to motivate and cultivate staff to upgrade capabilities.

Finally, Benjamin Hou, President of Huawei Northern Africa Carrier Business, emphasized that digital transformation is not only a goal, but also a method. Transformation should originate from the key problems encountered by enterprises in the process of development. Huawei is committed to working with regional partners to achieve digital transformation and business success.

Huawei will continue to adhere to its value proposition ‘In Africa, For Africa, Continuous Innovation, and Trustworthiness’, and bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent Africa.


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