Tanzania: Women Challenged to Be Aggressive

Women in the country have been challenged to be confident and aggressive in grabbing various opportunities including doing jobs which are traditionally perceived in society as for men.

This was said by the Executive Chairman of Bravo Group Limited and Agricom Africa Limited, Ms Angelina Ngalula during an event to congratulate the female staff of the two companies for doing a good job and actively participating in International Women’s Day.

Ms Ngalula who also is the Chairperson of Tanzania Private Sector Foundation, (TPSF) said that there are neither jobs for men or women nor businesses for women or men, the principle of business is only one, to generate profit, there is no women’s or men’s business, business is business.

“If women are empowered, they can”, she said adding that women have the same abilities as men and others can do more than men.

However, for women to succeed in doing this, they need not be given privileged positions but be empowered with capacity building, access to capital, a better business environment and access to market opportunities.

Ms Ngalula has set an example where besides being a woman, she owns a logistics company for long distance trucks, Bravo Group Limited and an agricultural equipment company, Agricom Africa Limited dealers in tractors and modern farming equipment.

On his part, the Chief Executive Officer of Bravo Group Limited and Agricom Africa Limited, Mr Alex Duffar, congratulated all women of his company for actively participating in International Women’s Day.

He also hailed women drivers saying they are more careful than male drivers, have no road chaos caused by fast driving, they do not drive carelessly.

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