Malawi: Escom Fixing Power Infrastructure Knocked Down By Cyclone Freddy

Officials from Escom say they have now started fixing damaged electricity infrastructure and restoring power in some of the areas affected by Cyclone Freddy.

Cyclone Freddy knocked down the infrastructure, rendering the country to an hour of electricity a day.

Water taps also dried up three days ago because, authorities said, water machines failed to pump water because of lack of electricity.

Escom spokesperson Kitty Chingota said they have started with fixing high voltage lines and those supplying to essential service providers such as hospitals and the water boards before moving to localised faults.

She was optimistic that the restoration works will be completed by next week Friday.

“The weather is far much better now, we can work under these conditions. The good thing is we are making sure that the lines we are working on do not have power supply at that time,” said Chingota.

Cyclone Freddy has now killed 225 people in the southern region.


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