Rwanda: Why Hosting FIFA Congress Is a Big Deal for Rwandans

This is a very important week for Rwanda.

It is important for both the sports fraternity but most important for the general public especially when you look at it through the prisms of MICE – the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibition strategy.

Rwanda is hosting an estimated 2000 guests from across the world who are attending the 73rd Congress of the world football governing body FIFA which will be held in Kigali on Thursday, March 16.

Several other events have been organized on the margins of this congress.

Besides presidents of over 200 federations that subscribe to FIFA, who are expected to grace the high level event, the congress will also attract key executives from major business corporations of global reputation, especially those that have commercial interests in the world of football.

It is therefore an opportunity that we should all seize to make the most of this gathering, which is a testimony of the resolve by the government to make Rwanda a major destination for major meetings.

For the private sector, especially those in the service sector, this is the time to position themselves to make the most of the high profile guests who will be with us.

It is also an opportunity for local businesses to seek out these top executives who have graced the event to cultivate partnerships for possible business collaborations.

To our youngsters, the host of global soccer legends spanning generations who are here for the congress should be an inspiration, something to look up to for greatness.

Bottom line, the hosting of this important gathering – Rwanda being only the fourth African country to host it – as a result of deliberate effort by the country to make Rwanda a hub for major gatherings. Let us all play our part to make sure this is sustained and make the most out of them.


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