South Africa: Power Utility Executive Implicated in Power Station Sabotage – South African News Briefs – June 5, 2023


Eskom Executive Implicated in Power Station Sabotage

Police are seeking to arrest an Eskom power utility executive who holds a top-secret security clearance, suspecting their involvement in orchestrating breakdowns at specific power stations, reports Times Live. According to City Press, the executive allegedly appointed engineers to ensure these breakdowns occurred, enabling both the engineers and the executive to profit from the subsequent repairs. The newspaper had an interview with police minister Bheki Cele, who said leaked WhatsApp messages were part of the investigation. Former Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter previously mentioned sabotage and coal syndicates as criminal activities contributing to power outages, citing instances of equipment failures and oil leakages. De Ruyter revealed that the motive behind these sabotage incidents was to generate additional work and income for maintenance contractors. A forensic report, reported by the Sunday Times, exposed widespread infrastructure sabotage by unethical contractors and employees.

Bird Flu Outbreak Worsens in the Western Cape

The Western Cape in South Africa is facing a second outbreak of avian influenza, resulting in at least 550 000 chickens being slaughtered and many more eggs being destroyed in attempts to contain the disease, reports Moneyweb. The financial loss for farmers is significant, adding to existing challenges in the poultry industry, which include power cuts and higher costs for feed and inputs. Consumers in the Western Cape may experience higher egg prices, while other parts of the country are expected to be less affected. The industry is concerned about job security and potential losses if the outbreaks continue.

Musa Motha Wows in Britain’s Got Talent Finale, Falls Short of Top Three

South African dancer Musa Motha impressed audiences on Britain’s Got Talent with a breathtaking performance in the finale, reports Times Live. Despite being the bookies’ favorite, he didn’t make it to the top three. Motha, an amputee who lost his leg after being diagnosed with cancer, made history when he achieved the show’s first-ever group Golden Buzzer. His dance incorporated themes of struggle, support, and victory.

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