A Brief Profile of Allen Roosevelt Brown Jr. – Liberian Restoration Party’s 2023 Candidate for President


The party’s VISION is to return the nation to God. To insure that Liberia that is a modern state, knowledge based and technology driven, offering equitable opportunities for all to optimally realize their potentials and in turn contribute maximally towards building a great Nation.

The MISSION on the other hand is to inclusively galvanize the entire country to reinvent the Liberian society through empowerment, communications, mobilization and participation, using all peaceful means consistent with modern democratic tenets and practices.

In line with the party’s vision above and based on his personal conviction of a brighter future for the country, Allen Brown
is known for the following:

  1. Allen is a seasoned business man and innovator. He has over thirty years experience in the insurance, real estate and hospitality industries.
  2. He is the former President Director General of Beneficial Life Insurance Cote D’Ivoire now called Prudential Beneficial, a regional life and general insurance company with offices in several Francophone countries.
  3. Allen founded Urban Marketing Group, which built the Urban Financial Center, the Urban Plaza Complex, the Urban Chateau Hotel currently named Villa Hotel, the Urban Renaissance Hotel currently named Eco Hotel, and other hotels in Liberia.
  4. He is serving on the board of Comprehension Realty, a Liberian owned property management company. He was an advisor at Lokoro Diamonds.
  5. Allen is passionate about orphans, education and women’s rights; he continues to champion and support these causes.
  6. In 2006, Allen Brown and Dr. Dennis Harper collaborated to create the Liberia Renaisance Education Complex ( LREC) in Duazon; a school that gives gifted students a high quality education at an affordable price. LREC is funded by the DEAR Foundation.
  7. Allen is also a founding member of Harvest Intercontinental American University (HIAU) and one of the founding advisory board members. HIAU has partnered with Oral Robert’s University to provide a high quality and affordable education for all, especially, Liberians.
  8. He believes in people’s empowerment and that largest segment of Liberians must comprise the middle class. He is of the firm belief that government must ensure that dignity of Liberians is sacrosant.
  9. Allen is strongly persuaded that Liberians must be given opportunities in education, training, skills acquisition and gainful employment to enable them provide for themselves and their families. In addition, attention and affirmative actions must be pursued so to make children as children again. In furtherance of this, children must be allowed to grow up in an environment that fosters love, discipline, innocence, integrity and responsibility.
  10. He is therefore seeking a Liberia in which the rule of law is applied without fear or favor. His belief is anchored on the fact that only a government that is just, fair and compassionate can lead a progressive nation.

Allen Brown (center), Presidential candidate from the Liberia Restoration Party, addressing the media in Monrovia and introucing his running mater, Vice Presidential candidate, Noosevett Janice Weah (left).


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