Liberia: Female Presidential Candidate Sara Beysolow Endorsed By Women Village Saving Association

Monrovia — Ahead of the October 10, 2023 presidential and legislative elections, women under the banner of the “Village Saving Association of Liberia” have endorsed the presidential bid of female candidate Sara Beysolow Nyanti and Mr. Simeon Moribah of the African Liberation League.

The group of women gathered on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, at the African Liberation League headquarters in Congo Town to reveal their support for the former United Nations diplomat.

The endorsement ceremony of African Liberation League’s political leader comes less than a week since the National Elections Commission declared the campaign officially open.

According to the group, their decision to pledge their support is based on the African Liberation League’s clear vision of development for Liberia. Reading their endorsement statement, Esther K. Wallace explained that after months of thorough scrutiny of various politicians across the country, they are now convinced and confident that the only solution to massive development is the African Liberation League.

Madam Wallace said that the election of African Liberation League will no longer force women of the country to turn to the central bank for loans at a 40 percent interest rate.

“Our decision is based on the African Liberation League’s clear vision of development for us as women and citizens of Liberia,” said Madam Wallace.

“The Village Saving Women Association operates in all 15 counties and consists of 30 members in each county. We have decided to endorse you today as women, rather than going the other way. We believe you will champion the cause of women around the country.”

“We believe that you have entered the picture with a new approach to women’s rights and empowerment,” Madam Wallace continued.

Speaking in acceptance of the endorsement from the Village Saving Women of Liberia, the standard bearer of the African Liberation League, Sara Beysolow Nyanti, told the gathering that she and her team intend to provide better opportunities for every citizen of the country if elected in October of this year.

She outlined plans for better microloan opportunities and agricultural programs that will serve the current and future generations of Liberia.

Reverend Nyanti, who has gained fame in less than three months in Liberia’s political landscape, emphasized that politics is not just about rhetoric; rather, it is about making a tangible difference in the lives of ordinary citizens as a whole. She stressed that Liberia belongs to everyone and not just a privileged few.

The African Liberation League’s standard bearer assured the Village Saving Women of Liberia that her leadership would prioritize women’s empowerment, a major pillar of the ALL manifesto.

“My team and I will provide you with better microloan opportunities and agricultural programs that will benefit you and future generations,” she vowed. “The African Liberation League guarantees you, the Village Saving Women of Liberia, that our leadership will focus on women’s empowerment, which is one of the major pillars of our manifesto.”

In his remarks, the vice standard bearer of the African Liberation League clarified that their quest to serve Liberia is not for themselves, but for the people of the country who they believe deserve better governance from the elected government.

Mr. Simeon Moribah added that the problems facing Liberia are evident to everyone both inside and outside the country, and it is time for citizens to elect those with significant experience in development.

The ALL Vice Standard Bearer and former United Nations diplomat disclosed that they have outlined substantial plans to establish strong connections with major international partners. He acknowledged concerns that funds sent to Liberia in the past have yielded limited results.

He urged the electorate to view the October 10 elections as an opportunity to correct past mistakes, emphasizing that these elections will significantly impact the future of the country.

Moribah also encouraged voters to exercise wisdom when casting their ballots, emphasizing that making the right choice is essential to ensuring a prosperous future for the nation.


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