South Africa: More Talks As Taxi Strike Leaves Cape Store Shelves Empty

Harare — The South African National Taxi Council (Santaco) confirmed that it will attend a meeting with Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis to try to find a solution to the taxi strike impasse, EWN reports.

The meeting will take place as the taxi industry’s senior brass prepares to take legal action to get impounded taxis back.

Earlier, the Western Cape government said that safety escort services will now be extended to food delivery trucks in order to ensure that local businesses are restocked throughout the ongoing taxi strike.

Stores were unable to receive deliveries, leaving some residents of the province without necessities like bread and store shelves empty.

Santaco, which initially intended to resume taxi routes on Thursday morning, is now saying the strike to last until Friday, August 11. The Council announced a one-week provincial shutdown after failing to reach an agreement on a number of issues with local authorities.. The complaints started when municipalities were given the authority to impound vehicles for traffic violations like driving without a license or having expired registration plates.

The roads in Cape Town were quiet and clear today (August 10), according to Western Cape Mobility MEC Ricardo Mackenzie.

At least five people were killed in incidents related to the strike, and left hundreds of thousands of commuters stranded.


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