Liberia: Cummings Rallies Young Voters

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings says young people who constitute about 65 percent of the country’s population will be the biggest beneficiaries of the real change agenda of the CPP.

Cummings said it’s therefore incumbent upon young people to rally their friends, family members, and loved ones to turn out in mass on October 10, to vote and reject the Ruling CDC and the Unity Party that have long, deprived young people of the opportunities to explore their full potential.

He said the CPP Government will institute policies and measures that will alleviate the extreme hardship, as well as afford young people access to quality education and vocational school and improve health care services nationwide.

The CPP Standard Bearer gave the assurance, when a Montserrado County auxiliary, the ABC Strategic Alliance for Real Change 2023, reaffirmed its support for his Presidential bid at a special program held in Paynesville, on August 12, 2023.

The ABC Strategic Alliance for Real Change 2023, established in 2020, is an umbrella organization of 100 axuallies of women, teacher and student groups, petty traders, Motorcyclists and other professional and interest groups in support of Cummings Presidential bid come October 10.

Cummings expressed gratitude to the group for its continuous support and loyalty to his Presidential bid, and reassured young people, that a CPP Government will not disappoint them, in their quest for real change that will better the life of the Liberian people.

ABC Strategic Alliance for Real Change, National Chairman Rosllshawn Jarbar in remarks, challenged people to reflect and evaluate their personal living conditions and state, whether they are satisfied with their current status.

Jarbar said a special survey undertaken by him on the living conditions and earning powers of young people revealed that over 35 percent are in deplorable state and they earned less than L$300 a week.

He reassured that the ABC Strategic Alliance will rally and mobilize young people throughout the 17 districts of Montserrado County in support of the Collaborating Political Parties’ agenda for change that will better the life of the Liberian people.

The program was attended by cross-section of citizens from the various districts of Montserrado County including the leadership of a local teachers’ association in Paynesville, as well as CPP Representative Aspirant in District # 5.

Cummings was accompanied to the program by senior CPP stalwarts including Dr. Toga G. McIntosh.

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